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Assessment Process Support Activities

FTA offers support during the assessment processes beginning approximately 6 months prior to the country visit by the assessors.

FTA specializes in assisting governments and authorities in every step of the assessment process, from reviewing the draft  submissions to preparing government officials for their meetings with the assessors.

Written Submissions
As the onsite visits by the assessors becomes more imminent, project activities tend to become more focused on the FATF process itself. About six months prior to the visit by the assessors, countries are requested to complete detailed questionnaires on all technical and operational aspects of the national AML/CFT framework. A detailed description of applicable legal provisions, procedural requirements and written mechanisms will have to be submitted. In addition, detailed statistics and case studies will have to be prepared and submitted in writing in order to establish the eff ectiveness of all aspects of the country’s AML/CFT system. In total, written submissions are oft en are in excess of hundreds of pages.
Coaching for Interviews
Shortly before the onsite visit, authorities oft en require training of those officials that will be going through the interview process with the assessors. FTA has a number of highly experienced AML/CFT assessors as part of its team that have conducted a significant number of AML/CFT country assessments for the FATF and FATF style regional bodies. We know what the assessors will ask and are uniquely positioned to prepare officials for this process, including by conducting mock interviews in preparation of the actual interviews.
Commenting on Draft Report
Once the onsite visit by the assessors has been concluded, countries will be required to spend about six months commenting on diff erent versions of the assessment report with the aim of verifying the accuracy of what is stated in the report. This process is time consuming and generally requires intimate knowledge of the FATF standards. FTA specializes in assisting governments and authorities in compiling a list of adequate and well-founded comments and interventions on the various draft s of the assessment report aimed at ensuring that the FATF requirements are interpreted and applied correctly, that the overall tone of the report is as positive as possible, and that the information provided therein is accurate.