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Training of Public Officials

We deliver highly customized and practical training events on investigative, supervisory, and regulatory aspects of AML/CFT. Utilization of modern and interactive teaching techniques and practical case studies ensures the highest level of effectiveness. Training modules may target a range of competent authorities or be designed to meet the specific needs of one authority. Each training event is individually designed to meet our clients’ needs – we do not simply “recycle” training material.

Training events frequently requested include:

Regional and country specific money laundering and terrorism financing typologies

Simulated criminal case on AML/CFT that allows participants to understand how to obtain and analyze financial information and evidence, how to utilize the results of this analysis to successfully prosecute crime and confiscate illicit proceeds, and to highlight the usefulness of domestic cooperation in this regard

Skills-based training on identifying, tracing and seizing proceeds of crime for financial investigators and prosecutors

Skills-based training on financial investigations for investigators and prosecutors

Workshop on Asset Recovery and Asset Management

Simulated onsite supervision examination which requires participants to prepare for, carry out, and eventually report on the findings of an onsite inspection. Appropriate interview and report drafting techniques are examined

Workshop on use of Forensic Accounting Tools

Workshop on Mutual Legal Assistance and International Cooperation

Training on collection and maintenance of AML/CFT related statistics

Skills training for financial and non-financial supervisors on developing and applying a risk-based approach to AML/CFT supervision

Financial and strategic analysis techniques for FIU officers