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We offer guidance. Every step of the way. This includes mutual evaluations, follow-up processes, and ICRG listing processes. Our services to directly impact and support the FATF/FSRB process include:

Written Submissions

Comprehensive, well-drafted and consistent submissions prior to the on-site visit are key to a successful outcome of the evaluation process.

  • Therefore, we systematically support by:

    1. Discussing the expected format, content, and structure of the submissions
    2. Identifying relevant materials for inclusion in the submissions
    3. Preparing a first draft of the submissions
    4. Collecting and collating statistics
    5. Drafting case studies

Coaching for Interviews

The on-site visit is the best opportunity for the assessed country to demonstrate that its AML/CFT/CFP framework functions effectively and therefore officials should be prepared accordingly.

  • As trusted partners, we assist with:

    1. Conducting mock interviews with public officials and private sector entities
    2. Providing feedback on how to best present processes and procedures during the on-site visit
    3. Ensuring that all public officials are familiar with the content of the written submissions
    4. Detailing any preparatory steps that may still be required before the on-site visit

Commenting on the Draft Report

After the on-site visit and before the plenary discussions of the final report, the assessed country will receive up to three versions of the draft report to comment on.

  • We diligently support by:

    1. Checking the draft report for consistency and factual accuracy
    2. Proposing text to eliminate, or minimize, criticism as much as possible
    3. Inserting comments in the draft report to justify changes or to present counter-arguments
    4. Proposing realistic and doable changes to recommended actions for each Immediate Outcome and support a more positive rating
    5. Conducting a comparative analysis of FATF/FSRB reports on key horizontal issues raised in the draft report
    6. Presenting the results of the comparative analysis in separate documents
    7. Recommending which additional information is required to be produced to address issues and concerns by the assessment team
    8. Reviewing the draft report with the purpose of ensuring that the correct interpretation of the FATF Methodology is applied
    9. Holding meetings with the authorities to clarify changes and comments raised by FTA
    10. Assisting the assessed country to address the issues raised by the external reviewers

Strategic Advice in dealing with the FATF/FSRBs

For the finale phase, when meeting with the assessors and the plenary discussions take place, dedicated preparation is essential.

  • Customized services by us include:

    1. Preparing a defense strategy for the face-to-face meeting with the assessment team to discuss the draft report
    2. Providing strategic advice on the selection and order of key issues for discussion at the Working Group on Evaluations
    3. Drafting the country’s response to the key issues and speaking notes for meetings of the Working Group

We go beyond advising. We are partners to our clients. Every step of the way.

Our Clients

  • quotemarks

    The FTA team habeen hugely professional and provided direction and confidence that was inspirational. Their knowledge and expertise in these areas helped us to formulate our data and information in a very much more effective manner. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    The Hon Albert Isola, MP
    Minister for Digital and Financial Services, HM Government of Gibraltar
  • quotemarks

    For me as Head of Delegation, knowing that the FTA team was very available and attentive to our needs and was by our side for the MONEYVAL assessment made me feel very confident. They have been an important support in helping us to successfully demonstrate the effectiveness of Liechtenstein’s AML/CFT regime and the country’s commitment to the implementation of the FATF international AML/CFT standards.

    Anne-Sophie Constans-Lampert
    Head of Delegation to MONEYVAL | Ministry for General Government Affairs and Finance, Liechtenstein
  • quotemarks

    Professional … Hard working … Dedicated… Encouraging … Some of the words that come to mind when I think of FTA.

    Neville Aquilina
    Chairman of the Malta Sanctions Monitoring Board and Director General of Global Issues, International Development and Economic Affairs | Malta Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Trade

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